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  1. ‘’Purifiers’’ refers to Reverse Osmosis systems, whole house systems, borehole systems, inline systems, or any other water cleaning/ filtration systems.
  2. ‘’AOW’’ refers to All of Water (Pty) Ltd
  3. ‘’Damages’’ reefers to the destruction in whichever form of purifiers pipes taps or any structure to do with the work we do.


  1. The terms and conditions will apply to the contract of service, repair, installations, and sending of purifiers.
  2. I hereby authorize AOW to carry out work on my purifiers and to replace parts and fittings as they deem necessary to fix and maintain my purifier in working order.
  3. I confirm and agree that AOW may require me to pay a deposit before work gets done or purifier/ filters or parts to be delivered.


  1. An 80% upfront payment will be required for any order exceeding the value of one thousand rands (R1000,00)
  2. AOW cannot be held liable for damages to goods during transportation thereof, or while in possession of a third-party service provider.


  1. Prices may differ on shipping, installation, repairs, and services depending on the area, equipment, fittings required, and any replacement parts.

Payment Terms

  1. Only cash, debit cards, credit cards, or EFT payments are accepted unless prior written consent is given by AOW for any other form of payment.
  2. 80% of the quoted amount is required before installation will commence and the full amount is payable on the day of installation, service, or delivery.

Service Terms

  1. AOW cannot be held liable for any damages to any equipment or structures which do not form part of the purifying system including but not limited to; (1) plumbing features; (2) pipes; (3) cupboards; (4) or any other installations.
  2. AOW can’t be held liable for any damages caused by water spike or Electrical surges.

Additional work

  1. No additional work will be done without the customer’s consent.
  2. If AOW cannot come in contact with the client, only the work will be done that was agreed on and nothing more. Additional charges will apply to return to the client.


  1. The purifying unit installed is guaranteed for 1 year (365 days) from installation.
  2. Water connections that were done on installation only have a 10-day guarantee. Thereafter it will be the responsibility of the client to repair. A Call out fee will be charged to repair leaks.
  3. The guarantee will be void if the client alters or removes any of the original parts prior to the date of expiry of the 1-year guarantee period.
  4. I agree that should I have a third-party work on the Purifying unit without prior written consent from AOW the guarantee will automatically lapse.

Limitation of AOW Liability

  1. Except as provided for law, or provided for in AOW’s guarantee given in terms of clause 16-19 here above:
    1.  If any work carried out by AOW is defective because of the defective part(s) or workmanship, AOW undertakes to remedy such defects by either adjusting, repairing, or replacing the defective part(s) and/or rectifying the defective workmanship, provided that this will not apply to goods or parts:
  2. That I bought and supplied to AOW; or
  3. That has become defective to fair wear and tear; or
  4. That has been misused or abused; or
    1. That has been used contrary to the original manufacturer’s specifications or instructions.


  1. AOW’s liability herein will:
    1. Be limited AOW being informed as soon as reasonably possible for remedying of the defective or unsatisfactory repair(s) and/or adjusting, repairing or replacing defective part(s); and
    2. Forthwith lapse; unless I inform AOW of the issues (whether related to the work done by AOW or not) within 10 (ten) working days from installation, service or work done to Purifiers.
  2. Safe for the aforesaid AOW does not make any other representations unless expressly given in writing and signed by AOW.


Disputes and Jurisdiction


  1.  In the event of any dispute regarding and/or related to any work undertaken by AOW on Purifiers, whether for a damage claim or otherwise, I agree that I shall first attempt to resolve the dispute by mediation by a third party as approved by both parties. Failing to reach an amicable resolution, such dispute shall be referred to any court having jurisdiction in the matter.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, should I fail to pay any amount due and owing to AOW, AOW may institute legal action against me for any recovery thereof, and all legal costs and/or related expenses, as between attorney and client, shall be for my account

Service Address

  1.  I Nominate the physical address reflected on the face hereof as my chosen address where I will accept service of all notice and process. Notice and process shall be given by prepaid registered post or hand delivery to me.
  2. Written notice given to me shall be deemed valid notification thereof where such notice actually comes to my attention despite the fact that such notice was not given in accordance with clause 23


  1.  If any terms herein contained and found to be valid, then the remainder of the contract will not be defective, and same will continue to be of effect and force


I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and fully understand the effect thereof. By signing the back hereof, I irrevocably and unequivocally accept such terms and conditions contained in this agreement. For more info go to


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