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Solenoid Valve 1/4'' 24V Normally Closed

Quick access water solenoid valve
Accessories Type :Water Purifier Valve
Material: Copper POM housing
Capacity :1
Model :1/4 quick access
Use location :outside Water Machine :Water Purifier
Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage: DC24V

Coil resistance :37Ω ± 0.25Ω (at 20 ° C)

Switch type :DC continuous type

Working pressure: 0Mpa-0.8Mpa / 0Mpa-0.5Mpa (send randomly )

Medium temperature :1 ° -75 °

Response time to open: ≤ 0.15s off ≤ 0.3s

Electrical strength between the conductor and non-conductor should be able to withstand AC2500V voltage, 1min without breakdown and produce arcing and other phenomena

Flow characteristics 0.02Mpa ≥ 3 L / min 0.1Mpa ≥ 12 L / min 0.8Mpa ≥ 35 L / min

The number of coils is 2500 laps Life of 200,000 times

Usage: water. Please note it is not suitable for use with gravity fed systems

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