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Pump 0.37 Kw with Pressure Head 3 Bar

A complete kit to easily connect your water tank to a pump and deliver pressure from rainwater harvesting tanks to toilets, kitchen appliances or your garden hose. Comes complete with 0.37kW pump and automatic pump flow controller that starts the pump automatically when pressure decreases (for example taps are opened) and stops it when there is no flow/water shortage (for example when taps are closed). It can be used for drinking water or non-portable water piping systems. The controller also protects the pump from running dry.



Rated Voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz

Maximum Current: 10 Amp

Protection Grade: IP65

Starting Pressure: 1.5 bar

Maximum Pressure: 10 bar

Inlet/Outlet Size: 1″ x 1″ BSP

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