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The Pleated Sediment Water Filter is a high capacity dirt holding water filter and it is washable! The pleated sediment filter has a micron of 5 and is normally used in water that has a high sediment count (dirt, sand, silt and rust). This filter comes in different sizes like 10 inch standard, 20 inch standard or 20 inch fat (big blue) 


20 inch Standard Pleated Sediment Water Filter

Length - 51 cm.        Diameter - 7cm

Maximum flow - 10 gallons per minute or 40 liters per minute 

Maximum pressure - 125 psi or 8,6 bar

Maximum temperature - 180 F or 82,2 C

Service life - 5000 gallons or 20 000 liters but can be washed 


Purifiers which use these filters 

1 , 2 , 3 stage whole house 

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