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The CTO filter removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals from the water filtered through it. It also makes the water taste and smell good.

The CTO filter comes in various sizes like 10 inch standard, 10 inch fat, 20 inch standard and 20 inch fat.

The CTO filter also comes in various micron sizes but the most common one is 5 micron.



20 inch standard 

Length - 50 cm , Diameter - 7 cm

Maximum flow rate - 1,3 gallons per minute or 5 liters per minute

Maximum pressure - 125 psi or 8,6 bar

Maximum temperature - 100 F or 37,7 C

Service life - 5000 gallons or 20 000 liters


Purifiers which use the carbon block filters:

 1 stage whole house, 2 stage whole house, 3 stage whole house 

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