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The mineral ball filter adjusts the mineral substance in water to mineralize water after it goes through the reverse osmosis system. It redeposits calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other good minerals that your body needs. The mineral ball filter consists of alumina balls and maifanite balls which place minerals and salts back into the RO water 



Length - 25,6 cm , Diameter - 5,3 cm

Maximum flow - 0,75 gallons per minute or 3 liters per minute 

Maximum pressure - 125 psi or 8,6 bar 

Maximum temperature - 100 F or 37,7 C

Service life - 1500 gallons or 6000 liters


Purifiers that use this filter

5 stage reverse osmosis , 7 stage reverse osmosis , 5 stage reverse osmosis with pump and 7 stage reverse osmosis with pump

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