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6 Watt UV Sterilizer

This system rids water of living germs/microorganisms and bacteria. These contaminants include hepatitis, E.coli cholera, coliform, salmonella, dysentry and typhoid.

A UV Steriliser uses a special lamp that emits ultraviolet light, which attacks the genetic code of microorganisms and rearranges the DNA /RNA, thus eliminating the microorganisms' ability to function and reproduce, meaning there will be no infection. It is a simple but effective method that eliminates 99.9% of harmful microorganisms without adding any chemicals to the water.



Quartz Sleeve- R230.00 

UV Bulb/Globe-  R230.00 

UV Ballast-  R550.00 

112 LPH, 0.5GPM

1/4” Inlet/ Outlet

50mm Diameter / 255mm Length

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