ANALYSIS | Liquid asset: What is South Africa doing to safeguard its water resources? - 2021-06-08

{}   We know that South Africa is a water-scarce country and that it is among the world's driest regions. With this knowledge, are we doing enough to secure our minimal water sources?  We should be ... more

Demand for water is rapidly increasing as supply dwindles - 2021-04-23

Limited access to clean water remains a struggle for millions of Americans. And lack of water access is expected to become an even greater problem in the coming years across the U.S. and around the world. In West Virginia, many households in McDowell County rely on collecting water from fresh springs, which might freeze over in... more

Cape Town residents requested to reduce water consumption - 2021-04-23

Cape Town – Cape Town residents are requested to minimise the non-essential consumption of water this weekend due to work taking place on the 2 400mm Faure bulk water pipeline. The City’s Water and Sanitation Department will be shutting down production at the Faure Water Treatment Plant temporarily to enable maintenance and repair wo... more

Major strikes planned for South Africa – including one that could cut off water supply - 2021-04-23

Labour unions have threatened to down tools and embark on mass industrial action as the impasse around government wage negotiations continues. The Daily Maverick reports that government has remained steadfast in its decision to introduce a salary freeze for South Africa’s 1.3 million public servants during the 2021/22 financial y... more


WATER IN CRISIS - SOUTH AFRICA   South Africa is a country located at the Southern Tip of Africa. About twice the size of Texas it is home to 49 million people. This country has been stricken by affects from the long standing apartheid to the devastation that diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB have caused. Now another crisis loom... more

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